Silver State Forklift Fallon 250

Official Results for the Silver State Forklift Fallon 250 are posted

Thank you all for making this the biggest Vorra Village yet! Over 300 people came out to the start finish line to watch 99 Vehicles take the green flag!

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Get Official Results of Race 3 (Open Classes)

Download the course map here!

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Important Message From BJ and Laura

We are getting close! Over 50 pre-entries for the Silver State Forklift Fallon 250, and it is only going to get bigger!

This race is getting huge. Possibly the biggest VORRA race ever! And being it is our (Laura and B.j.) first desert race, BLM considers it a probationary race. Meaning, any major violations, track cutting, fires, fuel spills, trash left out, fireworks, you name it.... will jeopardize future VORRA races. Our BLM contact is great. Seriously, he is going above and beyond for us! However, there are some things bigger than him. So we really, really hope everyone can and will be on our best behavior.


Sad to say, but the days of open prerunning are over...

We are being restricted to one guided pre-run lap, starting at the start/finish line. The lap will begin at 10am Friday morning. All prerunners will need to sign a release form, and document the type of vehicle being used. I know this is not ideal, but this is the game we must play. Violators of this rule will face penaltys, with disqualification a consideration.

Fuel containment

We need at the minimum, a tarp laid down prior to filling with fuel. In the event of a spill, the fuel must be soaked up. The easiest is diapers. If fuel is spilled onto the ground, that soil or sand must be dug up and disposed of properly.

This is a closed course

Recovery will be handled by VORRA chase rigs and brought to the closest access point or checkpoint. Welding of any kind is restricted to the checkpoint or start/finish. Fires of any sort are restricted to above ground pits. Fire extinguishers must be in every pit and on every race car. No exceptions.


The Fallon course takes place in restricted air space due to the naval base. Any and all media must sign in during registration and sign a waiver. Any media looking to fly a drone must possess a drone certification or license. Any other drone use may result in penaltys associated with said team.

That’s it for now, but will make further updates as necessary. We hope you all can understand the position we are in. We truly hate having to be fun suckers. Please take a moment to spread this info.

Thank you!

Silver State Forklift Fallon 250 Schedule and Info

Who is ready!? This is going to be BIG! Silver State Forklift is our presenting sponsor for this race… The Seymour family is putting up some serious cash!

This is the biggest, most jammed packed weekend VORRA has ever had. There are a lot of details we want to put out there for everyone. Saturday will be a long action packed day! There will be three differnent races happening throughout the day. In order to keep everything moving on time, keep everyone safe we need to make sure everyone is on the same page so please make sure to read through all the information on this page and attend the mandatory driver meetings before the race

Entry Fees

  • Pro and Expert M/C and Quads $85
  • Amateur and Ladies M/C $65
  • Pro Classes Entry $450
  • Sportsman $300
  • Pro UTV $300
  • Sportsman and Stock UTV $150


Friday 7/19

  • Pre-registration closes

Friday 7/26

  • 10:00 AM 1 Fun Run Lap This will be the only pre-running allowed! Anyone caught on track outside this lap will be penalized up to DQ
  • 4:00-8:00pm: Tech and Registration Stockman’s Casino, Fallon NV. You must go through Tech before you can register. We are going to have a ton of entries and tech will take some time. I suggest getting cool refreshments in the casino.
  • 7:00pm: Pro-pit leaves registrations to go to Pit 2. If you are using Pro-pit and having them bring gas or spares to check 2 make sure to get to registration before 7:00pm
  • There is plenty of parking in and around the casino, but no hot laps in or around the casino!

Saturday 7/27

    It is going to be a long, action-packed day! In order to stay on time, keep the races going, and stay safe we all need to be on the same page with the schedule.

  • 6:00-6:30am Late Stock M/C, Stock UTV, class 9, 11, & Vintage classes tech and registration
  • 6:30am Mandatory riders meeting
  • 7:00am First bike off the line. Pro and Expert 3, 42-mile laps. Amateur and Women’s 2, 42-mile laps. 2 bikes at a time leaving start line. 30secs apart.
  • 9:00am No bike to leave start line
  • Grand Prix Finish
  • 9:00am Mandatory Driver meeting. Stock UTV, Class 9, 11, and Vintage Classes (bring your car to start line, race will start after meeting)
  • 9:30am 1st Vintage vehicle off the line. Followed by 9, 11, and stock UTV
    • Vintage, 9, and 11 4, 42-mile laps
    • Stock UTVs 2, 42-mile laps
  • 3:00pm No Vehicle to leave start line
  • Grand Prix Finish
  • 10:00-12:00pm Late tech and registration all evening classes
  • 12:00pm Mandatory Drivers meeting
  • 3:30 Staging
  • 4:00pm First Unlimited Truck off the line (1 vehicle per 30 sec. -1 min depending on entry’s)
    • 6, 42-mile laps, 8-hour time limit
  • 11:00pm No car to leave start line if deemed unable to complete by cut off time.


  • 10:00am Awards ceremony at Stockman’s Casino steakhouse

3 Races 1 Day

Race 1- Motorcycles and Quads

Riders meeting at 6 30 AM- attendance is mandatory! There will be a role call.

The race will start at 7 AM Pro and expert classes will race 3 laps, amateur and ladies will race 2 laps. The race will be grand prix style, meaning that once the lead bike finishes, you will not be able to start another lap. If it is deemed you will not be able to complete another lap before the race is over you may be held at the start/finish. Similarily you may be held at a checkpoint if it is deemed you will not be able to finish before the race ends. No bikes will leave the Start/Finish after 9 AM. All bikes will be cleared of the track before the next race begins!

Race 2 - Vintage Classes, Class 9, Class 11, and Stock UTVs

Driver meeting 9:00 AM - attendance is mandatory! There will be a role call.

This race will start at 9:30 AM. UTVs will race 2 laps, all other classes will race 3. The race will be grand prix style. Meaning that once the lead vehicle for your class finishes you will not be allowed to start another lap. If it is deemed you will not be able to complete another lap before the race is over you may be held at the start/finish. Similarily you may be held at a checkpoint if it is deemed you will not be able to finish before the race ends. No vehicles will leave the Start/Finish after 3 PM

This will be a NO TOUCH race!There is no bumping, tapping, or nerfing. If you are caught move over! it is all about safety. Penalties or disqualification may be issued. All classes need to have working brake lights and read amber lights. All vehicles must also have a working horn. Stock UTVs may not have large rear bumpers.

Race 3- All open Classes and Pro UTVs

Driver meeting 12:00 PM - attendance is mandatory! There will be a role call.

The last race of the evening will start at 4 PM and run into the night. All classes will race 6 laps. There is an 8 hour time limit on this race. All vehicles running the evening race will need working head lights as well as brake lights, rear amber light UTV's also require a flashing blue or green light. YOU WILL NOT PASS TECH WITHOUT WORKING LIGHTS.

Pro UTVs will be running with the open classes but they will be a no touch class. They will allowed to nerf each other but no other classes can cerf a UTV

The Track

Download the course map here!

The track is 42 miles long and will consist of 3 checkpoints. Check points 1 and 3 are accessible, checkpoint 2 is also accessible but is a long way around to get to it. Pro Pit will be manning and running checkpoint 2. Trust us, its the best $25 you will ever spend. Pro Pit will be at tech on Friday evening (4:00pm - 7:00pm), and they can haul spares, as well as fuel to their pit.

All classes must make a full and complete stop at each chekpoint. Each checkpoint will have a 25 mph zone before and after. Radar guns will be in play and time penalties will be issued for speeding at a checkpoint or the start/finish area. This is a safety issue and will be take seriously!

This is a non-transponder race so if the checkpoints or start/finish cannot read your number, you may not be scored. It is your responsiblity to make sure your numbers are easily visible.

The start/finish area will be at the bottom of the hill in the main pit area. However the first two races will finish at the top of the hill. Our goal is to finish without having to slow down to 25 mph through the pits. Additionally, with other race classes starting, this will eliminate the finishers coming into the start line.

We will have our own crew running recovery during the race. These vehicles will have amber lights and spotters watching for oncoming racers. If you catch these vehicles be patient as they are on the track to respond to an emergency ro a broken vehicle. They will move as soon as possible. Other than VORRA staff we do not want anyone trying to respond and retrieve vehicles on the course. We will retrive and take the car to the next checkpoint.

The Pits

Speed limit in the pits is 25 mph. This will be strictly enforced!

In main pits and all checkpoints, if and when while fueling your race car you MUST have a fuel containment system. I suggest doing some research. The BLM will be there inspecting and advising on fuel storage and containment systems.


Motorcycles and Quads

Bikes and Quads, are you ready!? You all have been asking for years... So, let’s do this!

Open Pro, Open Expert, Amateur, and Ladies’ classes will race. Pro and expert classes will race 3 laps, amateur and ladies will race 2 laps

Safety gear is required. Rear Flashing light is not mandatory but recommended.

Number plates go as follows:

  • Pros: Blue or Red background, White letters
  • Expert: Yellow background, Black letter
  • Amateur: Black background, White number
  • Ladies: Yellow background, Black numbers

All numbers except #1 are open

The #1 chip draw will start on his own. After that everyone else will start two at a time, 30 seconds apart


All UTV classes must have brake lights, 1 amber light, and a flashing green or blue light. We suggest green as local OHV parks in California are starting to ask that blue lights are not used Pro UTVS will also need working front lights as they will be racing at night

Open Classes

All open classes must have brake lights, and an amber light. You will also need working front lights as the race will run into the night. You will not be allowed to race without working lights.

We have partnered with, Dave is putting together VORRA specific bars, and is giving BIG discounts. will be a HUGE contingency for VORRA at Fallon for all classes.

Pre-Registered Racers


Pro Moto

Colton Scudder1
Victor Borg0
Stephen Helms77
J Cook77T
Danny Rudd & Ian Price69
Frank Goodson317
Travis Weir92

Amateur Moto

Kory Van Norman716X
Justin Lavallee516
Scott Strong7164
Logan Boe287
Tito Mendoza701x
Kim Grasty68
Kevin Thomsen479
james Fuhs44
Robert imrisek26
Victor Borg16

Expert ATV

Howard Tande411
David Arnold678

Stock UTV

Patrick Larraburu924
Brian Powell629
Erik Amos507
Jason Arnold1967
Ed Conrad967
Dennis Jean6159
Paul Broughton
Bill Hermant1991
Zack Anaya2061
Timothy Gard256
Dyllon Renfroe7
Kyle SlaterU917

Pro Turbo UTV

Randy Brunelli937
Patrick Larraburu924
Joe PavoneT929
Jason Pruyn2917
Beau Judge956
Pat OKeefe976
Joe Pavone4969
Sean Yudice8166
Dan Waller261
Sean Cook2930


Jim Carius1963
Cody CaudleU399
Matt Rager74
Bill Hermant1991
Gil Medrano1967

Class 4400

Sean Leonardini7
Sean McBride689
Timoth Priess4130
Don Radtke4865

Class 4500

Sean McBride689

Class 1/2 1600

David Meek Jr.1641
Mark Saum2085
Ben Wright1602

Class 9

Eric Steiger903
Tom Piggot976

Class 10

Eric Verling1082
Geno Licitra1024
Ezra and Dale Ebberts1045
Charles and Stephanie Gann1011
Matt wallace1021
Scott Bassett1211

Class 11

Scott Weir5156
Joey Smith1189
John Mofidi1123

Unlimited Truck

Chad Hall130
Paul Broughton202

Group T

Scott Strong7164
Oregon Boyz8716
Robert Eddings1439
Don German78
Brad Popejoy1455
Broc Ross7252
Jason Arnold1467
Bruce Field8081
Jake Mathis872
Brenda Sellers7225
Duane Craft855
Mike Koenig7235
Scott Strong7165
Andrew Mitchell530
Nick Harvey1482
Dylan Heiser1424
Don Moss302

Group T Sportsman

Edward NoceT404
Jerry Kirkpatrick1767
JP Chounet785
Evan Fine1740


Jerry Baker53
Russ hopkins2044


Duke Craft888