Fight at Fort Sage

November 2nd

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Important Race Information

This is a BLM event. We are on Probation for this race. We have a 5-year permit if this race goes well.

M/C and Quads will NOT be racing.

Spectating is restricted to the Start\Finish area, as well as the main pit road. All vehicle’s must me parked clear of the pit road. All spectators must be 50 feet from the racecourse in controlled speed areas.

The Race

Each moto will be 1 hour and 30 minutes (this may change based on entries) with a Grand Prix style finish.

The course will be 12.9 miles long

The first race will consist of Vintage Classes, Class 9, Class 11, and Stock UTV’s. *Classes need to have rear brakes and rear amber lights. The stock UTV’s may not have large rear bumpers. This moto is a NO TOUCH race. Meaning, there is no bumping, tapping, or nerfing; penalties or disqualification may be issued. All vehicles are required to have a working horn. If you are caught, move over. It’s all about Safety for everyone.

UTVS, you must have brake lights, 1 amber light, and a flashing green or blue light. We suggest green, as local OHV parks in California are starting to ask that blue lights not be used.

We will have our own crew running during the race, as well as after to retrieve vehicles. These vehicles will have amber lights and spotters watching for oncoming racers. If you catch these vehicles, be patient as they are on the track to respond to an emergency or a broken vehicle. They will move at the soonest point possible. Other than the VORRA staff, we do NOT want anyone trying to respond and retrieve vehicles on the course. We will retrieve and take the race car to the next checkpoint.

The Pits

There will be a small hot pit. Restricted to crews for the specific moto. Speed limit in the hot pit is 10 mph. The speed limit will start at the entrance into the pit. The Pit will exit just prior to the start/finish area.

There is a 25 mph Starting just before the hot pit, through start finish and close to 200 feet after the start finish area.

In main pits and the hot pit, if and when fueling your race car, you MUST have a fuel containment system. I suggest doing some research. The BLM will be there inspecting and advising on fuel storage and containment systems.

Main pit’s will be tight this year. Please respect other racers, and park non- essential vehicle’s outside of the main pit area.


11/1, Friday

11/2, Saturday

Entry Fees

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Pre-Registered Racers

Stock UTV

Ed Conrad967
Tim Gard246
Matt MyresU863
Jay Dunne1059
Brock Randolph357
Marc Martinez177
Tucker Larrieu158
Jimmy Gonzalez676
Ken Keegal2997

Class 9

Ashley Robinson944
Eric Steiger903

Pro Turbo UTV

Randy Brunelli937
Pauly Hart1911
Cory Deen993
Joe Pavone4969

Group T

Nick Harvey1482
Don German78
Duane Craft 855
Jake Sheaffer 1755
Broc Ross 7252

Unlimited Truck

Jerry Kirkpatrick 1767


Ken Keegal 2997
Cody Caudle U399

Class 1/2 1600

David Meek Jr. 1641

Group T sportsman

Edward Noce T404


Kory Van Norman 1029s
Jerry Baker 53

Class 10

Collin Wiley 1029

Pro Unlimited UTV

Dylan mcfarlane T841